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Ocicats Of Scandinavia
Ocicats Of Scandinavia

A little bit about the Ocicat

The Ocicat appearance is very much like a wild and exotic jungle cat.

But that is just looks. In real life they are kind and very nice characters.
Ocicats are very social, ideal for families with children.

They will follow you around in the house and keep you company.

In general the Ocicat is affectionate and loving but not all of them are lap cats.

-Just like us humans, they are different individuals.


Some Ocicats have a lot to say!

They speak out loud and clear of what they want or not. While some don't speak that much at all.

Ocicats are active, intelligent, playful and very social cats.

Ocicats are not just really pretty cats, They will become a member of the family and can

be quite sad and upset if you leave them alone for longer periods.

This could create unwanted behaviour that can be hard to get rid of.

Due to their high social and active need it might be good to take in account that you might need a friend for your cat.
Get one, but plan for two!

No need for it to be a second Ocicat. It can of course be a different breed or a dog even.


Ocicats are very intelligent and quite easy to teach.

Their temperament is often described as that of a "dog in a cats body"

Most can be trained to walk with leash and harness, play fetch, come when called,

sit and lie down on command.

You can train your cat to travel with you by car, train or flights.

You decide really. Its all about training and spending time with your cat.

The more time you spend with your cat, the more devoted and social it will become.

Since they are fast learners you might end up with an Oci that they can open a door, if they have good reason too.

You can even train your cat to use a normal,regular human toilet!


Ocicats are a medium to large cat.

They are surprisingly heavy compared to how they look.

They are muscular and athletic in the body, with a fairly long tail.

The fur is tight, sleek and shiny with big thumb shaped spots.

Triangular shaped head with well developed cheek and quite broad nose area.

Big triangular shaped ears that are board in the base.

The eyes are almond shaped with an eyeliner.

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