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Ocicats Of Scandinavia
Ocicats Of Scandinavia

Ocicats Of Scandinavia membership

* Members of Ocicats Of Scandinavia,     Are welcome to join our community       in a members-only

   Facebook group.

* Invitations to post photos in our             media streams

* You will receive the full-color                 magazine. 

* Influence and contribute to articles       and photos in our magazine

* A lovely wall calendar filled with

   our members’ nicest Oci photos! 

* Cat Of The Year contest

   (Show cats only)

* Ocicat Specials in cat shows.

* Mentors. If you would like to start         bringing your cat to cat shows.

* Invitations to seminars and much           more

* As a breeder member you will get listed on our pages and we can help you find great homes for your kittens.

If you’re looking for a new spotted family member, perhaps we can help matching you and the breeder.

Kitten buyer bonus

If you have bought your first Ocicat from a breeder that is a member of Ocicats of Scandinavia, you have the opportunity to become a member with a 50% discount on the members fee.

Primary member 250 skr yearly

This is the basic membership type.

Family member 50 skr yearly

As a family member, you live under the same roof as a primary member and have voting rights at the annual meetings.

Payment instructions


IBAN: SE 3095000099604264621253.

Please state your name, membership fee and year.

Payment from Sweden:
Plusgiro 646 21 25-3.