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Ocicats Of Scandinavia

Ocicat breed standard


Ocicat is a medium to large, well-spotted agouti cat of moderate type.

It displays the look of an athletic animal; well muscled and solid, graceful and lithe, yet with a fullness of body and chest.

It is alert to its surroundings and shows great vitality.

This powerful, athletic, yet graceful, spotted cat is particularly

noted for its wild appearance.


The skull is a modified wedge showing a slight curve from the muzzle to the cheeks, with a visible,

but gentle ris from the bridge of the nose to the brows.

The muzzle is broad and well defined with a suggestion of squareness and in profile shows good length.

The chinis strong with a firm jaw with a proper bite.

The whisker pads: moderate, whisker pinch is not too severe.


Alert, moderately large.

When present, ear tufts extending vertically from the tips of the ears are a bonus.

Placement: set so as to corner the upper, outside dimensions of the head.

If an imaginary horizontal line is drawn across the brow the ears should be set at 45 degrees angle, i.e. neither too high not too low.


Large, almond in shape, and angled slightly upwards towards the ears, with more than the length of an eye between the eyes.

All eye colors except blue are allowed.

There is no correspondence between eye color and coat color.

Intensive color is preferred.


The head is carried gracefully on an arched neck.


Rather long-bodied, solid, with depth and fullness but never coarse.

Substantial bone and muscle development, yet with an athletic appearance.

There should be some depth of chest with ribs slightly sprung.

The back is level to slightly higher on the rear, and the flanks are reasonably level.


Medium long, of good substance and well muscled; powerful and in good proportion to the body.


Oval and compact, with size in proportion to the legs.


Fairly long, medium slim with only a slight taper and with a dark tip.


Short, smooth and satiny in texture with a lustrous sheen; tight, close lying and sleek, yet long enough to accommodate the necessary bands of color.

There should be no suggestion of woolliness and length.

All colors should be clear and pleasing.

The lightest color is usually found on the face around the eyes, on the chin and lower jaw.

The darkest color is found on the tip of the tail.

To determine the correct coat color, the color of the tail tipis decisive.

Ocicat standard according to FIFe.

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