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Kittens for sale

SE*Alsmark – Sweden

Litter born on 23rd of April 2024

Sire: SE*Alsmarks Captain my Captain Black/Tawny n24

Dame: SE*Alsmarks Uxie XSF Black/Tawny n25

SE*Alsmarks Daemon, Male, Black Classic Tabby, n22

SE*Alsmarks Mhenlo, Male, Black Spotted, n24

SE*Alsmarks Sogolon, Male, Black Spotted, n24 (booked)

SE*Alsmarks Devona, Female, Black Spotted, n24 (Not Available. Stays as Future breeding Queen at Alsmarks)

SE*Alsmarks Panako, Male, Black Ticked, XSH

SE*Alsmarks Timera, Female, Black Ticked, XSH

Kittens are sold as companions and also for breeding if interest.

The kittens are 2nd generation (F2) from a so called control breeding between a Ocicat and a Abyssinian.

This sort of breeding is done for the purpose of widening the genepool of the Ocicat breed.

Therefore some of the kittens are born without the spots. 

This mating has been approved by SVERAK and all kittens have a pedigree.

We are certificated breeders in SVERAK and our name is Alsmarks.

Each kitten will be delivered with a pedigree and we use SVERAK'S agreement for pre booking and handover agreement.

By the time of delivery the kittens will be health controlled by a veterinarian, fully vaccinated and ID chipped.

The kittens will have base insurance including hidden faults.

Do reach out to us if any questions and visit our social medias for more pictures and updates on the litter.


Black/Tawny spotted n24, 15 000kr
Classic tabby n22,  14 000kr
Black ticked XSH, 12 000kr

More pictures over at  www.alsmarks.se






Best regards
Cecilia & Björn Alsmark

CH*Spotted Beauty – Switzerland

Litter born on 26nd of February 2024

Sire: CH*Spotted Beauty Hitchcock  Chocolate Silver spotted bs24

Dame: GB*Anizz Kassandra Chocolate silver spotted bs24

Lauro Laurenzo. Male Chocolate Silver spotted bs24

Lorian Lior. Male Chocolate Silver spotted bs24 (Booked)
Lajana Lovegood. Female Chocolate spotted b24 

Lucy Gray. Female Chocolate Silver spotted bs24 (Booked)

Lizzy Lovelight. Female Chocolate Silver spotted bs24 (reserved)

All kittens except Lizzy Lovelight is looking for their forever homes as companion cats.

We are a small family breeding with 1-2 litters per year.
We specialise in Silver Ocicats and we are thrilled to yet again have a lovely promising litter. 

Kittens ready to move 8th of June 2024

For cats traveling to another country. Rabies vaccine will be provided.

All cats will have a passport, a thermochip (Identification with a microchip that also reads temperature of the cat) 

and all cats will also be vaccinated according to the health programme for kittens.

More pictures over at  www.spottedbeauty.ch   




Best regards
Franziska Ruprecht

SE*Ocilitas – Sweden

Litter born on 10th of April 2024 

Sire: DK*Betonica's Simba 

Dame: SE*Ocilitas Tecla Scarano

Female kitten Tigrina. Cinnamon spotted o24

Male kitten Salex. Cinnamon spotted o24 
Male kitten
Lupinus. Cinnamon spotted o24

The black/Tawny spotted kittens are booked

The kittens will be used to dogs, young children and travels. The are raised in the household of the breeder.

Kittens ready to move when they are 14 weeks. 17th of July

SVERAK rules applies and each kitten will have individual veterinary insurance.

All kittens a are sold as companions. But if any interest for breeding, lets talk ;) 

We would love if you would like to bring your Ocicat to cat shows.

Ocicats Of Scandinavia will provide you with all needed info and a mentor.

We will guide you along the steps needed!

Best regards
Karin Granath

Cats  looking for a host family

Currently no cats looking for a host family.

Breeding males

SE*Hot Thundereans – Sweden

Breeding male

SE*Hot Thundereans Quito 

Read all about his lines here:


Best regards
Hans & Paulo Boskär

SE*Hot Thundereans – Sweden

Breeding male

CH*Jumping Spots Kimon

Read all about his lines here:


Best regards
Hans & Paulo Boskär