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Ocicats Of Scandinavia

Ocicat colors

There are 12 accepted Ocicat colors in FIFe. (Fédération Internationale Féline)

The only accepted pattern in FIFe is spotted i.e. 24.

All eye colours EXCEPT blue is allowed. The eye colors are not related to the fur color.

    In FIFe the colors and patterns are marked with EMS codes (Easy Mind System).

    The EMS codes for ocicats are the following:

    n, black/tawny

    b, chocolate

    o, cinnamon

    a, blue

    c, licac/lavender

    p, beige/fawn

    s, silver

    The spotted cats  goes under number 24


    OCI n 24 = Ocicat, black/tawny

    OCI os 24 = Ocicat, cinnamon silver

    Head over to our Ocicat gallery to see the colours and variations of the spotted Oci 24

    It can happen that two spotted parents have kittens with a "marble" looking pattern. This is called Classic/Blotched tabby.
    Ocicats can also be born with a solid color or ticked.

    Ocicats with patterns other than spotted, are marked in FIFe EMS codes with x. This due to its a none recognized pattern

    Cats born without the spotted pattern are called 22 or 25

    22 Is for the Classic/Blothched pattern (not allowed by FIFe)

    25 Is for ticked (not allowed by FIFe)

    Cats born with a solid color do not get a number at all.
    They are called Oci and the name of the color after. Ie OCI b Ocicat, Chocolate (not allowed by FIFe)