Ocicats of Scandinavia

Owners, enthusiasts and breeders club

Ocicats Of Scandinavia
Ocicats Of Scandinavia

Ocicats Of Scandinavia
A non profit organization

Ocicats Of Scandinavia is a non profit organization that exists due to our passion for Ocicats.

We have members in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Switzerland, Netherlands and USA.

All our breeder members are following the recommended guidelines for each country.

All kittens are vaccinated twice against Feline plague and Cat cold. They are also dewormed before delivery.

Ocicat is a healthy breed with no know issues.

All our breeders examine their breeding Kings and Queens carefully before they go in to breeding.

We recommend all our breeders to do a heart scan of their breeding cats before any mating occurs.

We work strongly against inbreeding to get healthy and friendly cats

Members of the board

Ocicats Of Scandinavia

President  SveinGrøtness

Vice President  Sandra Scholz

Secretary  Conleth Hanlon

Treasurer  Anna-Karin Olofsson 

Agneta Glennsten
Linda Kristin Ortang

Aleksandra Singer (vice member)

Viktor Singer (auditor)
Ulla Haapanen (deputy auditor)

Nomination committee
Björn Alsmark
Benjamin Jiglund
Annika Månsson

We are always looking for driven and enaged people to help out within our organization

Are you one of those we are looking for?

Send us an email and we will get back to you.