Cat Shows

All members of Ocicats of Scandinavia

Ocicat special 2024

During Saturday the 29th of June Ocicats of Scandinavia organizes a Ocicat special.
(More exact time will be announced in connection with the cat show.)

The Ocicat special is held at Värmlands Kattklubb international 2-cert cat show 29-30th of June

Registration for VÄK's exhibition opens on May 6.

See invitation to the cat show below.

Our Ocicat judge: Glenn Sjöbom

Here are an example of the special assessments that are made

Longest Tail
Most beautiful Eyes
Best Ears
Best Fur

Nice prizes from our sponsors are promised :)

SEK 75 for members of Ocicats of Scandinavia.
SEK 100 for non-members.

Payment details about this will announced about 2 weeks before the Cat show is held.

Further Information about the event and sponsors will be published continuously.

Visit our Facebook event for updates.