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Ocicat special 2024

During Saturday the 29th of June Ocicats of Scandinavia organizes a Ocicat special.
(More exact time will be announced in connection with the cat show.)

The Ocicat special is held at Värmlands Kattklubb international 2-cert cat show 29-30th of June

Registration for VÄK's exhibition opens on May 6.

See invitation to the cat show below.

Our Ocicat judge: Glenn Sjöbom

Here are an example of the special assessments that are made

Longest Tail
Most beautiful Eyes
Best Ears
Best Fur

Nice prizes from our sponsors are promised
Meet them here:)

SEK 75 for members of Ocicats of Scandinavia.
SEK 100 for non-members.

Payment details about this will announced about 2 weeks before the Cat show is held.

Further Information about the event and sponsors will be published continuously.

Visit our Facebook event for updates.

Proudly presenting our sponsors for the Ocicat special 2024